Gaetano Romeo

Gaetano Romeo

I’m a top SEO author of several books, growth manager, trainer, and speaker at the best European events. I’m also a digital strategy director and creator of the “Digital Generation” series for the Maggioli Editore group. With global knowledge and vision of digital marketing, I have worked with top companies like ZALANDO, GROUPON, and NESPRESSO. I offer strategic SEO consultancy and training, better online visibility, digital strategy training, link-building training, inbound marketing consultancy, and daily operational support. I also provide training courses, consulting services, and support for companies and startups in SEO, ecommerce SEO, growth hacking, inbound marketing, data-driven marketing, LinkedIn, and more. I can help startups create a growth plan, scalable marketing plan, validate the project, traction phase, scale-up, and create an inbound marketing strategy.

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