Francisco Mahfuz

Francisco Mahfuz

If stories could make an awkward, unpopular kid cool (even if only for a while) and give you a reason to get out of bed in the morning, can you imagine what they could do for you?

Your content would resonate and bring you leads.

Your presentations would win customers.

And you’d jump at the chance to speak or guest at podcasts and live knowing you have something to say.

But you can do more than just imagine it ?

Francisco Mahfuz an Keynote Speaker and Story Coach at Francisco Mahfuz | Storypowers.

He’ll teach you how to tell stories that get results: in your content, in your presentations, podcast interviews, marketing – everywhere you want to have more impact.

And that’s just the beginning: together you will develop your signature story and elevator pitch, and get them ready for your pitches, customer conversations or the stage (virtual or live).

And you’ll also learn how to find and tell all the stories you’ll ever need.


Enjoy reading my content.

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