Duane Forrester

Duane Forrester

Duane Forrester is a seasoned expert in digital marketing, bringing over 25 years of extensive experience in search optimization, content creation, and digital strategy. His career includes launching Bing Webmaster Tools and authoring two acclaimed business books on digital marketing and conversion optimization published by McGraw-Hill.

With specialties in AI impacts on business, SEO, content marketing, and trend spotting, Forrester’s background is rich and varied, spanning roles from Caesar’s Palace to Microsoft, including contributions to notable publications like Forbes and Entrepreneur. Currently serving as VP of Industry Insights at Yext, he is known for his thought leadership in AI strategy and SEO and is a dynamic speaker at digital marketing conferences.

Forrester’s journey also includes piloting drones as an FAA Part 107 certified operator, showcasing his diverse skill set and adaptability in the evolving digital landscape.

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