Dido Grigorov

Dido Grigorov

Dido Grigorov is a seasoned SEO expert with over two decades of professional experience in the field, complemented by his passion for Python programming. He started his journey in the digital world in 2001, focusing on front-end programming and creating websites dedicated to selling ringtones and MIDI files. His initial foray into SEO began in 2003, though it wasn’t until 2005 that his interest was truly ignited, thanks to the influence of a classmate and software engineer. This newfound interest led Dido to start experimenting with homepage optimization and, a year later, take his first steps in working with clients.

By 2007, Dido had become deeply engrossed in the world of SEO, regularly following blogs of global SEO experts and engaging with major sites discussing site optimization topics. His expertise extends into various aspects of search technologies, including information retrieval, natural language processing, text understanding and classification, pattern recognition, recommendation systems, targeting systems, and ranking systems.

Notably, Dido Grigorov holds the distinction of being the first SEO specialist from Bulgaria to present at a Google event, namely Google Dance Zurich in 2018, alongside Nikola Minkov and Borislav Arapchev. His current role as Head of SEO at Serpact has him deeply involved in semantic SEO, content marketing strategies, improving website content architecture, crafting effective SEO strategies, and providing expert SEO consultations. His diverse skill set, combining programming prowess with an in-depth understanding of SEO, makes him a unique and influential figure in the field of search engine optimization.

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