Danielle Gipps

Danielle Gipps

Danielle Gipps is an accomplished Agency Marketing Manager currently leading the marketing efforts at Revenue Growth Agency. Her role involves managing all facets of agency marketing and content creation, from social media to event coordination.

Danielle’s expertise in building positive brand perceptions and driving high-quality leads is pivotal to the agency’s commitment to growing ambitious luxury ecommerce brands. With a rich portfolio that includes working with notable clients such as Perfect Moment, Ancient Greek Sandals, and Orla Kiely, she plays a crucial role in implementing the agency’s Revenue Growth Framework.

In addition to her marketing prowess, Danielle is deeply passionate about video, media, and creative endeavors. She possesses extensive experience in video production, including direction of photography and editing with Premiere Pro and Final Cut Pro. Her skills extend to live and recorded sound engineering, demonstrating her versatility in various aspects of media production. Danielle is also an adept public speaker, with a talent for speaking to the camera and delivering compelling presentations. This diverse skill set, combined with her enthusiasm for television, CTV, AVOD, BVOD, and TV buying, makes Danielle a multifaceted professional in the field of marketing and media. Her part-time acting and full-time TV enthusiasm add a unique dimension to her professional profile, reflecting her creative and dynamic approach to brand building and ecommerce revenue growth.

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