Clo Willaerts

Clo Willaerts

Clo Willaerts, with over 25 years of rich experience in digital marketing, business, and culture, stands as a testament to innovation and boundary-pushing in the marketing world. Her career is marked by a deep exploration of unique connections within the digital realm, challenging conventional methods, and successfully translating visionary ideas into impactful digital marketing projects and campaigns.

As a Marketing Director, Clo has demonstrated exceptional leadership skills, steering diverse teams and projects across various sectors. Her expertise has been instrumental in delivering cutting-edge online branding, communication, and engagement solutions that resonate with the digital age.

In addition to her role in the corporate world, Clo’s passion for disseminating knowledge is evident in her work as an author, consultant, speaker, and trainer. She has penned multiple books on digital marketing, imparting her profound insights and expertise.

Clo’s guidance extends to advising C-level executives on digital transformation, mentoring startups and teams on digital strategies, and sharing her knowledge at global events and conferences. Currently, she serves as the Program Manager for Digital Business at Karel de Grote-Hogeschool, where she integrates practical learning with real-world business cases.

Her commitment to understanding and teaching the impact of digital technology on our lives underpins her efforts to empower individuals and organizations to leverage digital advancements for both personal and professional growth.

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