Aruna Copra

Aruna Copra

Hi, my name is Aruna Copra. I have been working as a freelance writer for almost three years now. I am specialized in creating articles and texts for landing pages, blogs, knowledge banks, flyers, brochures and any other text you need. I work with national and international companies across the entire world and I have been actively working on expanding my SEO knowledge in the last three years, and I’m always learning more. My articles are a combination of personal experience, a lot of creativity and extensive research, written with SEO in mind. Before I started working as a writer, this field was always of interest to me. As a child I could write and read before I went to primary school and I’ve been writing poems and stories ever since. My interest in SEO was awakened when I started working with SEMrush at a previous job. Since then I’ve been SurferSEO certified and enrolled into Fiverr Pro in the category of articles and blog posts. Right now I am working with several companies to create decent SEO strategies, including creating a blog or knowledge bank, depending on the interests of your target audience, because I believe that providing valuable information leads to more success than focussing on promoting yourself in a very prominent and obvious way.

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