What Is Copywriting: Definition & 3 Tips of Writing (Tutorial 2023)

I hated copywriting.

In school, university, my first jobs.

Today I love copywriting.

What’s happened?

Let me share my story.

Anatolii Ulitovskyi
Updated: 23.03.2022

I want to start your writing journey from the definition.

Copywriting is a skill to write texts.

It’s combining letters into words, words into sentences, sentences into texts.

For someone, it’s a skill, for great authors, it’s an art.

One of them was William Shakespeare.

He wrote the famous romantic tragedy “Romeo and Juliet” over 400 years ago.

People still admire with this tragedy.

Jack London wrote his novels over 100 years ago.

I could read any of his books for over 4 hours with nonstop.

Oh no, I didn’t read them because I took part in his journeys.

Great texts live much longer than their authors.

J. K. Rowling has created her books about Harry Potter that my wife read 7 times.

She has earned over 1 billion dollars already.

Great texts also bring legacy and huge money because of their value.

I always love reading valuable texts.

But, I hated writing.

I thought it’s not for me.

I got the worse writing scores in school.

I chose financial education because I can skip writing.

I worked in three commercial banks where I ignored all writing tasks.

When I started my first online business I got an issue to write texts for my website.

So, I hired a few copywriters who wrote texts for the sake of texts.

Google didn’t rank it, readers didn’t read it.

That’s why I decided to change my hating to loving.

I failed many times before getting the first results.

I didn’t give up and kept going ahead.

Google started to rank my websites, visitors started to read my texts.

Then I wrote a lot of articles for big publications.

I got many views, grateful comments, and sales because of my writing.

When you see such results it motivates a lot.

In this article, I share my 7 tips on how to write texts that readers want to consume.

The best part is coming.

Focusing on One Topic

Almost all copywriters write about everything.

But, readers want to get texts from experts.

Experts only know one topic.

Let’s dive in.

Do you know what is difference between copywriters, bloggers, and journalists?

Copywriters try to write about everything.

Bloggers and journalists pay attention to one direction.

People want to get texts from experts.

Let’s imagine you get sick.

Will you read texts from copywriters on how to treat your disease?

No way.

It’s much better to read texts from experienced doctors even if their grammar is not good.

By the way, I’ll share how to fix your grammar in this article.

There are two options to get high-quality copywriting:

  • Cooperate with experts
  • Write yourself.

Copywriters appealed because Google had an issue to check out the quality of texts.

Google provides over 3,000 changes each year.

Today, it’s not an issue anymore for Google to measure the quality, but it’s still an issue with copywriters.

If you search for copywriters on Upwork, Fiverr, then check out their portfolios.

Copywriters who write about a few topics can’t create valuable content.

It’s much better to cooperate with bloggers and journalists.

It costs a lot more, but the quality is key.

How to find bloggers?

Type on Google the combination “the best blogs + your keyword”

For example, let’s find bloggers who write about marketing.

The best marketing blogs

You get a lot of lists with the best blogs.

The next step is to open each blog and search for authors.

Search for authors

Gain the list of bloggers into one spreadsheet.

The next step is to analyze their engagement:

  • Comments
  • Search traffic
  • Sharing on social media.

When you have over 100 authors that have high engagement – reach out to them to collaborate.

On average, 50% of them don’t reply, 45% give a crazy price and 5% propose suitable conditions.

If you can’t allow hiring experts, then start writing yourself as I do on my blog and social media.

Let’s dive into how to develop this skill.

Consistency Is Key

I started writing with a terrible mistake.

I decided to learn the grammar rules that I hated in school.

For a few weeks, I didn’t remember 95% of these rules.

So, instead of learning theory – start acting.

Do you know what unite great authors?

They write over 1,000 words a day.

They don’t wait for inspiration or muse.

It’s their job to write a lot.

For example, check out other niches.

Great sportsmen train every day as great signers, artists, showmen, businessmen do.

Write for your blog, social media, e-commerce pages, ebook, transcripts for videos, etc.

Do it over 1,000 words a day.

I use this limit myself.

I sometimes write over 3,000 words, but I never write less than 1,000 words, except Sunday.

Don’t wait for the quick results.

It takes months to improve the quality and years to take the leading positions.

When you are not sure about your quality, then write for social media posts.

Social media users accept all texts if they provide value.

When you get high engagement, then jump writing blog posts.

Google only ranks high-quality written texts because of the level of competition.

Don’t worry.

I share in the next chapter how you can fix it.

Editing Is Essential

Great authors have editors.

It’s the next level of writing.

If you’re a lack of budget – you don’t need an editor.

Use some tools instead.

I hired an editor to fix my texts before I discovered – Grammarly.

This is a nice tool that has a lot of features to fix your texts.

The best part of this tool is that you don’t need to change places where you type your texts.

Grammarly fixes my texts on Google Documents, Chrome Browser, etc.

I also use the Hemingway app that checks out my readability.

You can also use the ProWritingAid tool.

All these tools are great.

It’s up to what to use.


If you want to become a great writer then consider the following:

  • Focusing on one topic
  • Consistency improves your writing
  • Edit your texts.

If you have more questions, reach out to me on Linkedin.

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