VEO: Navigating Virtual Horizons (#686)

Anatolii Ulitovskyi, Taylor Kurtz
VEO: Navigating Virtual Horizons (#686)
Duration: 44:11
Believe you can because you can!
Believe you can because you can!
VEO: Navigating Virtual Horizons (#686)

Virtual is the new frontier.

And it’s being mapped as we speak.

When virtual reality met SEO, the digital landscape changed forever.

I witnessed a brand leap from unknown to trendsetting by optimizing for virtual environments.

It was more than a success—it was a revolution.

Enter the term I coined: VEO. 

It’s not just about visibility. 

It’s about creating a presence where digital and reality converge.

Apple’s Vision Pro is stirring the market, promising to turn every pixel into a new opportunity. 

With each release, it’s clear: the future is now.

And Google’s Generative Search Experience? 

It’s set to challenge our notions of what search engines can do. 

Imagine an algorithm that doesn’t just understand your query but creates the content on the spot to answer it.

Today, we’re joined by Taylor Kurtz, the mind behind VEO. 

He’s here to shed light on these innovations and their massive implications for digital marketing.

We’re covering everything from the technicalities of optimization in virtual spaces to the strategic foresight needed for the upcoming tech.

With Taylor’s expertise, we’ll decode how these technologies will shape how we interact, market, and sell in the digital age.

So, get your devices ready, and let’s dive into the world of VEO, where every digital interaction explores potential.

Your session with Taylor is set to be a deep dive into the future of digital marketing and SEO. 

Don’t miss this episode of the UNmiss podcast, where we look at the cutting-edge technology that will soon become part of our everyday marketing toolkit.


  1. What is VEO?

It’s like SEO but for virtual reality, making your content shine in virtual spaces.

  1. How does VEO work?

It involves optimizing virtual environments, like web pages, to be more engaging and easy to navigate.

  1. What impact will Apple Vision Pro have on marketing?

It will change the game by making augmented reality content a big part of marketing strategies.

  1. What is Google’s Generative Search Experience?

Think of it as Google creating specific content in response to search queries on the fly.

  1. How can I prepare my marketing for VEO?

Start by understanding AR and VR technologies and consider how your content can live in 3D spaces.

  1. Will VEO change SEO?

Yes, it’ll expand SEO to include 3D modeling and user experience in virtual environments.

  1. Is the Apple Vision Pro already available?

It’s a hot topic, and we’re waiting to see when it will hit the market.

  1. What does Google’s new search experience mean for content creators?

It means considering how an AI might interpret and present your content to searchers.

  1. How will these changes affect user experience?

They will likely make digital experiences more interactive, immersive, and personalized.

  1. How soon do we need to start optimizing for VEO?

Now’s the time to learn and experiment, so you’re ahead of the game when it takes off.

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