How To Optimize Your Website with Lysa Miller (Episode #40)

Anatolii Ulitovskyi, Lysa Miller 183 Updated: 20.10.2021
How To Optimize Your Website with Lysa Miller (Episode #40)
Duration: 54:17
Believe you can because you can!
Believe you can because you can!
How To Optimize Your Website with Lysa Miller (Episode #40)

SEO works if you don’t use generic methods.

How to find unique methods?

Lysa Miller shares her valuable insights.

She is Founder + CEO at Ladybugz Interactive Agency in Boston, MA.

She loves people and loves helping people at heart. So when she puts all that into your own agency, it’s pretty amazing. Whether it is a business referral, an introduction, including everyone in a social event, or cooking for someone in need, her love for people goes into everything she does.

Because you have to do what you love, she puts that into her agency Ladybugz Interactive where she is developing partnerships, and building out her team of experts.

She grew her own business to merged with another agency in 2016. From there, she put her agency on hiatus until 2020, when she made the decision to go back out and revive her own business.

She is now doing what she loves, which is helping early growth clients in the B2B + B2C space with web solutions and digital marketing.

She is committed to helping people promote their businesses, solve their challenges, and to do what they love as a business.

For many years she has worked in the capacities of a web designer, project manager, SEO guru, marketer, and social media maven, it’s now my time to focus on growing her own business to a higher level.

She is truly blessed to be doing what she loves, helping people, and working with such an amazing team of digital rockstars!

Writing and PR have always been a passion and she continues to provide thought leadership on and writes about businesses in her region on

Lysa was featured on the cover of the Boston Business Journal’s Book of Lists in 2020, and named Agency Vista’s Women Agencies to Watch in 2021. She has contributed to the Worcester Business Journal,,, CIO, Business Insider and countless podcasts with her insights into women and entrepreneurship, business growth, and digital-related topics.

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Twitter: @lysapreneur