172. How SEO Aligns More With Product Than Marketing With Pedro Dias

Anatolii Ulitovskyi, Pedro Dias 158 Updated: 01.07.2022
172. How SEO Aligns More With Product Than Marketing With Pedro Dias
Duration: 48:16
Believe you can because you can!
Believe you can because you can!
172. How SEO Aligns More With Product Than Marketing With Pedro Dias

SEO is searching for ways to align more with product than marketing.

Because the product is the company’s most important asset and they need to invest in all types of digital channels to get the most out of it.

The SEO industry has been growing by leaps and bounds with every passing day and that has also led to a lot of change in how SEOs operate.

In addition, marketing strategies have undergone a drastic shift too due to the increasing importance of product and customer experience over traditional advertising methods.

From now on, any company that doesn’t invest in their products or their customer experience will find themselves getting left behind by market forces.

Some of the ways that SEO differs from marketing are:

– Marketing is more about consumers, whereas SEO is more about companies and their products.

– SEO develops content for different types of audiences and their needs.

Whereas marketing is focused on selling a product to consumers with a specific target audience in mind.

– SEO evaluates an increase in traffic as an increase in sales, whereas marketing looks for new customers for their products or services.

The difference between SEO and marketing is that SEO is all about creating content optimized to meet users’ needs, whereas marketing is about promoting products for greater visibility.

SEO professionals are in a unique position to understand their customers’ needs and what they want from their product.

This makes the process of creating content more efficient.

The need for SEO professionals to understand the value proposition of a product led them to see how it aligns with search engine optimization strategy as well.

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