Revolutionizing Branding: Andre Oentoro on Video Marketing & Animation (#660)

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Revolutionizing Branding: Andre Oentoro on Video Marketing & Animation (#660)
Duration: 48:54
Believe you can because you can!
Believe you can because you can!
Revolutionizing Branding: Andre Oentoro on Video Marketing & Animation (#660)

You’ve seen it.

An animated video ad that captivates you.

Engrosses you for minutes.

Makes you remember the brand.

That’s the magic of video marketing and animation.

From Obscurity to Spotlight: A True Tale

I recently chatted with a friend, Jamie.

She launched her startup last year.

Struggled to gain traction.

Then, she tried video marketing.


Her engagement rates skyrocketed by 70% in just two months.

Her secret?

Animated explainer videos.

A technique she learned from today’s podcast guest, Andre Oentoro.

Video Marketing: More Than Just Visuals

It’s not just about excellent graphics.

Or catchy jingles.

It’s a storytelling art.

The Man Behind the Camera: Andre Oentoro

When Andre graced our podcast, revelations flowed.

Founder of a leading animation studio.

He’s witnessed the evolution of video marketing firsthand.

Why Animation? The Numbers Speak

In a recent study by HubSpot, 54% of consumers wanted to see more video content from brands they support.

And here’s another number to mull over.

Animated video content can increase web conversion rates by 20%, as reported by Unbounce.

That’s no small change.

That’s transformative.

Decoding The Success

What makes video marketing and, more specifically, animation so compelling?

Andre believes it’s the human touch.

A blend of emotion and information.

Delivered in a digestible, entertaining format.

Mastering the Craft

Of course, it’s not just about creating any video.

It’s about creating the right video.

One that resonates.

That tells a story.

And leaves a lasting impact.

Curious About the Nitty-Gritty?

Are you eager to delve deeper into video marketing and animation?

Are you wondering about tools, techniques, or challenges?

Hold that thought.

We’re lining up a set of FAQs to answer those burning queries.

For now, immerse yourself in the insights shared by Andre Oentoro.

And consider this.

Could animation be the game-changer your brand’s been waiting for?

Till next time, happy storytelling!


  1. Why is video marketing so effective?

It’s simple. Videos engage multiple senses at once. They’re visual, auditory, and, when done right, emotionally compelling. That’s a recipe for engagement.

  1. What’s the secret to an excellent animated video?

Storytelling. No matter how great the animation is, it won’t be effective if the story doesn’t resonate with your audience.

  1. How long should an animated marketing video be?

Short and sweet is my mantra. Ideally, 60-90 seconds. Enough to convey the message without losing interest.

  1. Are animated videos more effective than live-action?

They are not necessarily more effective, but they offer flexibility. Animation can simplify complex topics and be more cost-effective than a high-production live-action video.

  1. How can small businesses leverage video marketing?

Start with explainer videos. They’re a great way to introduce your business, and they can be quite affordable with tools today.

  1. What’s the biggest mistake brands make with video content?

Overloading with information. A video should have one clear message. Don’t try to say everything at once.

  1. How do I measure the success of a video campaign?

Look beyond views. Engagement metrics, like watch time and click-through rate, give a clearer picture of effectiveness.

  1. Is it worth investing in professional animation?

Absolutely. Quality matters. A well-produced video can be reused across platforms, giving better ROI in the long run.

  1. How do I choose the right animation style for my brand?

Consider your brand’s voice and audience. A tech startup might benefit from sleek, modern graphics, while a children’s brand might opt for something more playful.

  1. Do you have any tips for brands starting with video marketing?

Stay authentic. Whether it’s an animated explainer or a testimonial, ensure it rings true to your brand and audience.

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