Maero Olori Unlocks the Art of B2B SaaS Storytelling (#663)

Anatolii Ulitovskyi, Maero Olori Updated: 13.10.2023
Maero Olori Unlocks the Art of B2B SaaS Storytelling (#663)
Duration: 35:49
Believe you can because you can!
Believe you can because you can!
Maero Olori Unlocks the Art of B2B SaaS Storytelling (#663)

A story awaits you.

A story that transformed a struggling B2B SaaS company into a lead magnet within just six months.

Can you believe that?

Well, you better do because that’s the power of infusing storytelling into B2B SaaS content, which you and I will explore together today.

I still remember like it was yesterday, working with a B2B SaaS company desperately trying to make a mark with its content marketing.

Leads were scarce.

And conversions? Even more so.

We needed a shift, a fresh approach to their content.

That’s when we turned to storytelling.

We started embedding real, relatable stories into their blog posts, newsletters, and social media posts.

Within six months, what happened?

A whopping 20% increase in leads from content marketing alone!

Benefits of Storytelling in B2B SaaS

Why bother with stories?

Because they build bridges.

Bridges that connect your brand with your customers, making the journey from a prospect to a loyal client seamless and genuine.

You and I can build relationships with our customers through stories, making our brand more human and relatable.

By turning your brand’s expertise and industry understanding into engaging narratives, you establish it as a thought leader, a trustworthy entity.

And hey, you’ll not just be telling tales.

Your stories will resonate, engage, and encourage action, ultimately driving leads and sales.

How to Craft Compelling Stories

But how do we do it, you ask?

We dive deep.

We find stories that resonate, stories that talk to our customers about their needs, pain points, and ambitions.

And remember visuals?

They can be your stories’ best friends. Integrate high-quality images, videos, and infographics to make your narrative visually appealing and memorable.

Don’t forget to talk like a human.

Relatable and engaging, minus the technical jargon and corporate buzzwords.

Lastly, let’s clarify what we want our audience to do next.

A distinct, compelling call to action is a must!

How to Measure the Results of Storytelling

Is storytelling working for us?

That’s the million-dollar question!

Let’s look at website traffic first.

An uptick in visits to your storytelling posts?

That’s a win!

Social media engagement should also be on your radar.

A surge in shares, likes, and comments signals your story is hitting the right chords.

And, of course, lead generation.

More leads equate to the successful conversion of story listeners to story believers.

In the Presence of Maero Olori

In this episode, I’m ecstatic to converse with Maero Olori.

She isn’t just a storyteller.

Maero is a maestro, an expert in intertwining storytelling with B2B SaaS content.

Through our conversation, you’ll get to dive deeper into the nitty-gritty of how to weave compelling narratives into your content.

Maero shares her insights, secrets, and proven strategies on how storytelling can become your secret weapon in turning prospects into clients, data into narratives, and content into conversations.

Stay with us as we navigate this enthralling journey of stories, data, and successes.

Your roadmap to infusing storytelling effectively into your B2B SaaS content is just an episode away.


Stories are not just tales.

They’re your brand’s voice, a connection you build with your customers.

They can turn numbers into narratives, data into decisions, and content into conversations.

And you and I, we’ve just scratched the surface together.

If you’ve got questions (I bet you do!), hang tight, because we’re diving into all your FAQs in the next segment.

Stay tuned, and keep weaving those stories!


  1. How do I start infusing storytelling into my B2B SaaS content?

Starting with storytelling may be tricky initially, but begin with what you know – your brand, product, or even customer testimonials. Dive into experiences, struggles, and successes related to your product or service, and voila! You’ve got your first story.

  1. Does storytelling work in a technical field like B2B SaaS?

Absolutely! People connect with people, not sterile data, even in a technical field. Transforming your technical expertise and data into relatable stories can make your content consumable and engaging, even in B2B SaaS.

  1. Is there a secret sauce to crafting a compelling story?

The real secret lies in authenticity and relatability. Understand your audience, identify their pain points, and narrate stories that echo their experiences. And yes, don’t forget to weave your product or service naturally into the narrative.

  1. How do I measure the success of my storytelling efforts?

Keep an eye on a few metrics – website traffic, social media engagement, and lead generation are vital indicators. You’re on the right track if you see a positive movement in these areas, post your storytelling campaign!

  1. What if my stories don’t get the expected engagement?

No worries! Storytelling, like any strategy, may need some tweaking and adjustments. Analyze what didn’t work, gather insights, and don’t be afraid to pivot your approach. Your next story might just be the hit!

  1. How do I ensure my stories don’t sound too promotional?

Ah, the balance! Ensure your stories address the reader’s emotions, needs, and challenges rather than just highlighting your product features. It’s all about them, with your product being supportive, not a leading role.

  1. Can storytelling increase my conversion rates?

Yes, it can! When your stories resonate with the audience and address their needs or pain points, they see the value in your offering and feel a connection with your brand, which can boost conversions.

  1. How do I incorporate data and facts into my story without boring it?

The trick is to humanize the data. Instead of just presenting numbers, tie them with real-life implications or scenarios. So, instead of saying, “Product X increases efficiency by 30%”, narrate how a specific team conquered their challenges.

  1. What kind of stories appeal the most to a B2B audience?

Success stories, solution stories, and transformation tales usually hit the mark. Anything that shows a journey from a challenge to a resolution using a product or service like yours can create a connection and offer a tangible scenario of benefits.

  1. How often should I use storytelling in my content strategy?

As often as it makes sense! There’s no hard and fast rule, but ensure that stories don’t overshadow the variety in your content. Balance it with other content types to keep your strategy versatile and engaging.

Feel free to dive into any of these aspects, tweak them according to your specifics, and make storytelling a vibrant part of your B2B SaaS content strategy!

Let’s keep weaving those tales.

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