356. The Art of Caring Leadership and Active Listening with Heather Younger

Anatolii Ulitovskyi, Heather Younger Updated: 26.11.2022
356. The Art of Caring Leadership and Active Listening with Heather Younger
Duration: 38:28
Believe you can because you can!
Believe you can because you can!
356. The Art of Caring Leadership and Active Listening with Heather Younger

Leadership and listening are essential skills for prolonged and effective meetings. Successful meetings create atmospheres that engage, motivate, develop and retain employees. However, to accomplish this change in an environment, leaders need the proper training for their team to come together.

Here are six basic leadership ideas outlined:

– Emphasize what’s good posting with an “attitude of gratitude.” This is easy with a successful team that feels their leader is valuing its voice

– Praise encouragement as a weapon against deteriorating morale

– Value integrity; lead reviewing your team’s choose your adventure decision pyramid

– Be aware of what’s not working as well as what is working; for reviews to work, you must use problem recognition and creative thinking to break negative cycles

– Welcome feedback from your team; silence is passive approval, and listening shows you’re interest

Listen to understand, not to reply. Ask questions before making any analysis or judgment. Ah-ha moments can be inspiring and energetic opportunities where we learn how to open conversations and lead in a new direction.

The psychological roots of caring leadership are derived from the understanding that with solid interpersonal abilities, one has a greater chance of building sustainable relationships with co-workers, employees, and other stakeholders, as well as enriched individual identities.

From these relationships, caring leaders develop self-awareness about their emotions and acquire the credibility for others to listen to them. The sustained growth is thus possible because it is grounded in an ethical leadership model based on the pillars of transparency and integrity that lead people through a selfless work ethos into servant leadership roles.”

A person’s wealth is not the only measure of value. Cultivating positive relationships begins with a genuine practice of care and empathy – through listening and open responses.

Empathy is one of the most valued qualities in leadership. Some leaders believe that empathy needs to be learned in your environment, while others think it is something you are born with. What does the research say about authentic leadership and active listening skills?

Entangled leadership and active listening can change someone’s perception about their comfort and trust level when communicating with you – in both public and personal settings, as well there have been links found between these two practices in the workplace between manager communication

A practice of care (aka consistent compliments) turns out if tempered with authenticity build significant levels of trust. This form of essential maintenance can equip each organization leader with genuine credibility.

Heather Younger teaches you how to do it right.

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