328. How to Scale an Agency with Jake Goss

Anatolii Ulitovskyi, Jake Goss Updated: 03.11.2022
328. How to Scale an Agency with Jake Goss
Duration: 43:57
Believe you can because you can!
Believe you can because you can!
328. How to Scale an Agency with Jake Goss

Scaling the agency is difficult because you must compete with the best to hire the right people.

Specialization-based agencies rely on human skills, whereas process-based agencies are usually handled by employees dedicated to a specific task. The scalability of both types is possible under the right conditions.

Specialization-based agencies have challenges in scaling processes such as business acumen and resource management, depending on the resources involved and the duration they are put in place. Process-based are easier to scale with delegatable processes and need a higher set of operational staff, who can then work on scaling procedures tasks together until all present challenges are remedied.

In general, there are many steps agencies have to go through to scale.

First, you need a team that is not just “good at their job” but also willing to share this knowledge with others for delegated tasks.

All decision-makers play an essential part when it comes to measuring delegation scales. Still, hiring managers need to be conscious of it differently than other areas, such as marketing or lead generation.

Finally, one needs resources available to invest time and money into making a delegate scalable – proper people management strategy and sufficient man hours towards producing “quality content.”

Invest into employees by allowing them a sense of ownership in the company:

Implementing a delegatable process ensures that no single individual bears more responsibility than any other person on the team – this decreases the personal sense of responsibility for their work, allowing each employee to grow their capacity for output by having required time structures imposed on individual tasks.

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