Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Lisa Riggs Shares Her Journey (#661)

Anatolii Ulitovskyi, Lisa Riggs
Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Lisa Riggs Shares Her Journey (#661)
Duration: 37:03
Believe you can because you can!
Believe you can because you can!
Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Lisa Riggs Shares Her Journey (#661)


A journey of highs and lows.

Filled with challenges and triumphs.

But for women?

It’s a different landscape.

A Story of Resilience

I remember meeting Jane in my company.

A budding entrepreneur.

Faced countless rejections.

Doubted by many because she was a woman.

Yet, she persisted.


She’s a CEO, employing over 100 people.

Her grit reminded me of our podcast guest, Lisa Riggs.

The Woman Behind the Success: Lisa Riggs

Lisa isn’t just an entrepreneur.

She’s a symbol of determination.

Breaking barriers.

Challenging norms.

Leading her business with unparalleled passion.

Navigating The Entrepreneurial World as a Woman

Let’s face it.

It’s no secret.

Women-owned businesses face unique challenges.

A National Women’s Business Council report states women entrepreneurs secure loans at a 20% lower rate than their male counterparts.

Yet, many persist.

And thrive.

Lisa is a testament to that spirit.

Embracing the Dual Role

Many women balance entrepreneurship with personal roles.




Lisa shares candidly about managing these dual responsibilities.

And how they’ve shaped her business journey.

Building Support Systems

Behind every successful entrepreneur is a network.

A support system.




Lisa emphasizes its importance, especially for women navigating the business realm.

Lessons and Takeaways

The entrepreneurial journey is never linear.

Especially for women.

But stories like Lisa’s inspire me.

They show that success isn’t just possible with grit, determination, and the proper support.

It’s inevitable.

Are you eager to uncover more insights on women in entrepreneurship?

Stay tuned.

We’re crafting a dedicated FAQ segment, inspired by Lisa’s wisdom.

For now, plug in those headphones.

And let Lisa Riggs inspire you with her entrepreneurial tale.

Here’s to empowering every woman with a dream.


  1. What motivated you to start your entrepreneurial journey?

It was a blend of passion and spotting a gap in the market. And, of course, the urge to challenge stereotypes.

  1. How did you tackle biases in the business world?

Head-on! By proving naysayers wrong through results, not just words.

  1. What are some resources you recommend for women entrepreneurs?

Networking events, women-centric business seminars, and always having a mentor.

  1. How important is work-life balance for women entrepreneurs?

Crucial. It’s not about juggling but harmonizing different aspects of life.

  1. What’s the biggest challenge you faced in your journey?

Overcoming external doubts and ensuring they didn’t translate into self-doubt.

  1. How did you manage funding challenges, especially being a woman in business?

Persistence in pitches and having a robust business plan are always ready.

  1. What advice do you have for women facing resistance in their entrepreneurial path?

Stay true to your vision. Your belief in yourself will pave the way.

  1. How can businesses support women entrepreneurs?

By creating inclusive policies, and, more than anything, by leveling the playing field.

  1. What’s your take on failure?

It’s a stepping stone, not a setback. Learn, adapt, and move forward.

  1. Any final words of wisdom for aspiring women entrepreneurs?

Your voice matters. Your vision is valid. Chase it with all your heart.

Take these insights to heart as you venture or progress in your entrepreneurial path. Lisa’s experiences serve as a beacon for the resilience, determination, and conviction necessary for success.

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