Decoding SEO: Frameworks and Mental Models with Malte Landwehr (#702)

Anatolii Ulitovskyi, Malte Landwehr
Decoding SEO: Frameworks and Mental Models with Malte Landwehr (#702)
Duration: 49:19
Believe you can because you can!
Believe you can because you can!
Decoding SEO: Frameworks and Mental Models with Malte Landwehr (#702)

I witnessed a pivotal moment.

When I shifted my SEO approach to using strategic frameworks for trading websites, organic traffic skyrocketed from zero to +2,000 people daily.

In the SEO world, intuition is valuable, but frameworks transform it into actionable strategies.

Malte Landwehr, an SEO virtuoso, joins us to decode these frameworks.

  • Frameworks = Distilled Intuition: Malte discusses how frameworks guide intuitive SEO practices for more predictable outcomes.
  • Metrics in SEO (Input vs. Output, Leading vs. Lagging): Understand the metrics in tracking SEO success.
  • The SMT Framework (Strategy, Metric, Tactic): Explore how to align your SEO strategy with specific metrics and tactics for effective implementation.
  • DHM Framework (Delight in Hard-to-copy, Margin-enhancing ways): Learn to create unique, valuable content that stands out in the competitive SEO landscape.
  • Opportunity Solution Tree & Autonomy Alignment Matrix: Discover how these tools help in identifying opportunities and aligning SEO efforts with business goals.

Malte brings a wealth of knowledge, from the DARCI Sector Matrix to the 3X Model & Leadership Archetypes.

  • The McKinsey Sector Matrix and Areas of Control, Influence, Concern: Dive into advanced concepts that shape SEO strategy and execution.
  • Leveraging Frameworks for SEO Leadership: These frameworks empower SEO professionals to lead confidently and clearly.

With Malte’s insights, SEO becomes a structured yet creative endeavor.

Stay tuned for this enriching episode on UNmiss, where Malte Landwehr unveils the frameworks and mental models essential for mastering SEO.


  1. What are SEO frameworks?

SEO frameworks are structured approaches to optimize websites effectively, combining strategic planning and actionable tactics.

  1. How do metrics influence SEO strategy?

Metrics provide insights into SEO performance, guiding decisions on what tactics work best for your website’s visibility and ranking.

  1. What’s the importance of the SMT framework in SEO?

The SMT framework aligns your SEO strategy with specific metrics and tactics, ensuring every action contributes to your overall goals.

  1. How does the DHM framework enhance SEO?

DHM focuses on creating unique content that’s hard to replicate, adding more value to your SEO efforts and enhancing your site’s margin.

  1. Can you explain the Opportunity Solution Tree in SEO?

It’s a tool for mapping out potential opportunities in SEO and developing solutions to capitalize on these opportunities strategically.

  1. What is the Autonomy Alignment Matrix?

This matrix helps balance independent SEO efforts with aligning these efforts to broader business objectives.

  1. How is the DARCI Sector Matrix used in SEO?

It’s a framework for assigning roles and responsibilities in SEO projects, ensuring clarity and efficiency in team collaboration.

  1. What’s the 3X Model in SEO leadership?

The 3X Model is about tripling your SEO efforts’ effectiveness through strategic planning, execution, and leadership.

  1. How do mental models apply to SEO?

Mental models in SEO involve using cognitive frameworks to understand better and predict the outcomes of SEO strategies.

  1. What’s the importance of frameworks in developing an SEO strategy?

Frameworks provide a structured approach to SEO, allowing for more systematic and effective planning and execution.

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