AI Prompts: Reshaping SEO with Alex Tatarinov-Levin (#698)

Anatolii Ulitovskyi, Alex Tatarinov-Levin
AI Prompts: Reshaping SEO with Alex Tatarinov-Levin (#698)
Duration: 50:33
Believe you can because you can!
Believe you can because you can!
AI Prompts: Reshaping SEO with Alex Tatarinov-Levin (#698)

An AI breakthrough in SEO.

Not long ago, a tech company faced a daunting challenge: their content wasn’t ranking. 

They turned to AI for help, and within months, their visibility skyrocketed, changing their digital strategy forever.

AI is rapidly becoming indispensable in SEO. 

A study by McKinsey found that AI can increase business productivity by up to 40%.

Joining me today is Alex Tatarinov-Levin, an AI and SEO aficionado.

  • AI’s Impact on SEO: Alex explains how AI, particularly ChatGPT, is revolutionizing SEO tasks, including EEAT (Expertise, Authoritativeness, Trustworthiness) content analysis.
  • ChatGPT’s Role in SEO: Discover how beginners can harness ChatGPT’s API for efficient SEO automation.
  • Real-world Applications: Alex shares his experience using AI to analyze contradictions in hundreds of articles, highlighting AI’s practicality.
  • Beyond Content Analysis: We’ll discuss reputation management, audience development, and engagement as crucial SEO factors.
  • Controversies Addressed: Delve into the debated topics like subfolder vs. subdomain with Alex’s expert insight.
  • The AI Advantage: Learn how AI can transform your approach to SEO and digital marketing.

Tune into UNmiss for an episode packed with cutting-edge insights where Alex Tatarinov-Levin takes us through the fascinating world of AI in SEO.


  1. How is AI changing SEO?

AI is revolutionizing SEO by automating tasks like keyword research and content optimization, making processes faster and more efficient.

  1. Can AI improve content quality for better SEO?

Absolutely, AI can analyze and suggest improvements for content, ensuring it aligns better with search engine algorithms.

  1. Is AI reliable for keyword research?

Yes, AI tools can quickly analyze large data sets to identify trending keywords and phrases.

  1. How does AI impact link-building strategies?

AI can identify potential link-building opportunities by analyzing competitor backlinks and industry trends.

  1. Can small businesses use AI in their SEO strategies?

Definitely! There are many AI tools that are affordable and user-friendly for small businesses.

  1. How does AI help with local SEO?

AI can optimize local search by analyzing and tailoring content to local search trends and user behaviors.

  1. Will AI replace human SEO experts?

Not replace, but AI will augment human SEO work by handling repetitive tasks, allowing experts to focus on strategy.

  1. How can AI optimize a website’s user experience?

AI can analyze user interactions and provide insights to improve site navigation and content relevance.

  1. Can AI predict future SEO trends?

AI can analyze patterns and predict potential trends, but it’s not foolproof. Human insight is still crucial.

  1. Is AI-driven SEO cost-effective?

Yes, in the long run, AI can save time and resources, making it a cost-effective solution for SEO optimization.

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