80. How To Apply AI With Dr Djamila Amimer

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80. How To Apply AI With Dr Djamila Amimer
Duration: 44:03
Believe you can because you can!
Believe you can because you can!
80. How To Apply AI With Dr Djamila Amimer

AI helps to personalize your messages because most customers ignore templates.

How to do it?

Dr Djamila Amimer shares her valuable insights.

She founded Mind Senses Global to help businesses and organizations apply Artificial Intelligence (AI) and unlock its full potential.

She is an experienced business leader and an entrepreneur with a broad range of experiences across AI, machine learning, commercial deals, business strategy, energy, supply chain, shipping & trading, business resilience, and climate change.

She has developed frameworks and novel AI techniques in the area of investment decisions, dealing with uncertainty in project evaluation.

She has a track record in leading teams, delivering results, and focusing on performance.

She brings clarity to complex concepts and delivers strongly underpinned messages to executives.

In addition to helping organizations reshape their business using AI, she spends a significant amount of her time exploring the next wave of AI.

She is a big supporter of diversity in tech.

Also, she is passionate about AI for good and would like to make AI accessible to everyone.

Learn more about Dr Djamila Amimer on the following resources:
Website: www.mindsenses.co.uk
Linkedin: https://www.linkedin.com/in/dr-djamila-amimer-142662137/