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    7 Stages of SMM (Social Media Marketing) Promotion:

    1. Analyzing existing accounts
    2. Learning successful competitors
    3. Creating an individual content plan
    4. Writing valuable posts
    5. Publishing daily social media posts
    6. Commenting on influencers' accounts
    7. Liking, sharing, following and other methods of getting attention

    There are around 3 billion social media users, according to Statista.

    People usually spend over 30 minutes on social media every single day.

    It's a tremendous opportunity to promote your business.

    Brands and marketers often make similar promotional mistakes to sell their products everywhere.

    However, social media users have different mindsets to enjoy engaging and valuable content.

    They don't want to buy products on social media.

    Social media works for creating brand awareness and for selling, as well

    Social media works for creating brand awareness and for selling, as well.


    It's essential to publish a lot of valuable content that bring value and help people.

    It creates the feeling "guilty" because users get content for free.

    Only then people will follow you.

    When the time comes to buy products - they will remember your brand.

    70% of online customers ignore brands if they do not follow them on social media.

    Social media creates social proof that your business deserves TRUST and AUTHORITY.

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