I want to tell you my story.

I'm Anatolii Ulitovskyi.

I first came across the online business world in 2008 when I created my first online shop in Ukraine with my partners at the time, my two elder brothers.

My brothers had been living in the USA; I had been in Ukraine.

Our business module was simple - procure cheaper products in the US and China - transport and sell in Ukraine at a profit.

My online store sold electronic gadgets for Ukrainian customers.

I used many different types of paid advertisements in order to increase my sales.

Paid ads worked perfectly fine, but during that time it was not enough to grow my business, as many other online shops were constantly popping up in Ukraine.

Then I got to know SEO by utilizing it for our online store.

I hired three different marketing agencies over a period of two years, but they didn’t provide tangible results.

I ended up paying for SEO for two years, but I got no results and no organic traffic.

These agencies left me only one choice, I needed to learn SEO myself.

During this learning curve, I figured out what types of problems existed on my website.

My team fixed the site’s existing technical errors, wrote unique texts for my content and bought as many external backlinks as possible.

My organic traffic increased significantly and I ranked on Google and Yandex TOP-10 with many highly competitive keywords.

I was elated.

Unfortunately, in April 2012 Google released their new algorithm called Penguin.

My traffic plummeted dramatically and my business started to suffer.

There was simply not enough information on the Russian and Ukrainian internet on how to provide effective SEO results.

I then started to learn information from other English SEO blogs and resources.

I managed to recover my online store and ranked on the TOP-10 once again.

Because of my organic traffic growth, a few of my friends asked me to promote their websites too.

Thereafter I decided to open new website - in order to sell SEO services.

My SEO agency has gone from strength to strength.

Unfortunately, the Ukrainian economy decreased dramatically after the revolution of 2013.

I needed to focus my attention on only one business.

I decided to quit the online shop.

In order to provide high-quality SEO services I read SEO blogs, marketing books, listened to 100’s of audio podcasts and watched SEO YouTube channels - something I do to this day.


One sunny day, I met Nikolay Shmichkov.

I realized that he had extensive knowledge in the field of marketing.

We decided to combine our strengths in order to achieve the best results possible.

Nikolay supports our SEO agency in the Russian and Ukrainian directions.

He has also been an invaluable asset in designing our SEO tools.

Today, my sole focus is on English projects.

Here I have a small team of experts who help me a lot.

I organize the promotional process and delegate tasks.

We stick to a slogan that we win if our customers win.

I really love blogging.

My love for blogging is the reason why you are able to read many informative, well-researched and useful articles.

I also believe that every company is different so there are no standard methods of promotion.

Your results depend on your creativity.

Just imagine - there are over 1.7 billion websites on the internet and 4.39 billion internet users.

Online promotion is extremely competitive.

If all online websites would use standard, generic methods - which websites does Google need to rank on their TOP-10?

Google ranks only the best - the websites that use unique and creative methods of promotion.


Because the TOP-10 only has space for 10 organic search results, 4 paid search results, featured and rich snippets, knowledge boxes, videos and image carousels.

That’s it.

It’s impossible to rank all websites on the TOP-10 because of this limit, but there are other places in SERP (Search engine ranking pages) - second page, third page, …, the millionth page, …, the billionth page.

There is another problem - 75% of online users don’t open the second page of search results.

According to Ahrefs, only 0,3% of websites get 1001+ visits per month and 91% of websites get no organic traffic whatsoever.

1001 visits per month is not enough to support a successful online business.

Only too small percent of websites have over a million traffic.

Do you want to be in this league with over a million traffic?

Of course you want to.

Just like me and so does everybody else.

You need to work smart and by combining non-standard SEO methods, utilizing tools in conjunction with creative manual performance and tasks, you will get more traffic.

SEO tools cannot replace the creativity and ability to influence people’s emotions.

We know that 75% of people’s decisions depend on their emotions.

The tools are merely what they are - tools - that significantly save us time to provide important data at the click of a button.

I love using tools because I hate monotonous jobs.

There are a plethora of great tools on the Internet.

Do you need to use all of them?

No, you don’t.

Choose the best tools, suitable with your budget and purpose.

I will help you choose.

Read the reviews and rankings of existing tools on my website.

My team has also created various tools that help to optimize your website, social media accounts, YouTube channels, etc.

Our tools are free or freemium with high-limit usage limitations.

If you have any additional questions, please feel free to contact me.