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    Free website analysis includes general keyword research, analyzing ranking positions, technical errors, etc.

    Marketing spent on SEO is continuously growing, however our services remain affordable and economical for small and medium size businesses (SME’s).

    Marketing spent on SEO is continuously growing

    Creating a Content Plan (3-5 days)

    According to the Content Marketing Institute, 37% of all websites do not have a documented content plan.

    A small percentage of webmasters who have a documented content plan, deeply analyze their competitors, customers’ preferences, trends, SEO metrics, etc.

    The rest of all webmasters only analyse general keywords in the hope of outranking bigger competitors.

    They don’t take their time in order to create the perfect content plan, but continue spending years, but to no avail.

    There are 1,7 billion websites online that want to get organic reach with general keywords.

    According to Ahrefs, only 0.3% of all websites receive more than 1001 organic traffic visitors per month.

    That’s why it’s absolutely crucial to create an individual content plan.

    What is our strategy?

    We find topics in your niche that generate a lot of traffic and contain the following parameters:

    Why is this a winning strategy?

    “Content is king” - Bill Gates wrote on the Microsoft website in 1996.

    Google has proclaimed numerous times - "Create high-quality content in order to rank your website".

    Content is the number one ranking factor
    Content is the number one ranking factor!

    That’s why creating content for topics that contain outdated information and lack quality is a winning strategy.

    Google considers many other factors in their algorithms, but content is THE most important of all.

    Creating content for topics with a lack thereof, allows you to outrank big competitors and satisfy users’ intent.

    Finding and Grouping Relevant Keywords (5-10 days)

    I use all famous keyword research tools in order to choose keywords that are relevant to your website.

    Tools are great because they save a lot of time and effort, however, keyword tools don’t group keywords into relevant sub-groups.

    In consequence, webmasters make similar mistakes, such as those mentioned on the list below:

    Webmasters make similar mistakes, such as...
    • Using irrelevant keywords
    • Covering almost all keywords without suitable content
    • Duplicating keywords (Cannibalization)

    I have created my own tool - Keyword Clusterizator in order to avoid these mistakes and save a lot of time, by filtering keywords.

    My tool groups a list of 20,000 keywords in less than a minute.

    Awesome, isn’t it?!

    There is only one problem that even my tool doesn’t solve.

    It’s extremely important to check users’ intent on the top-10 and compare it to existing content.

    This is a manual job that I provide and it takes approximately 5-10 days.

    UX (User Experience) Audit (3-5 days)

    User Experience

    One of my favourite parts to SEO is providing UX audits for my clients’ websites. The reason for this is that websites are created for humans, not for search systems.

    However, only a tiny percent of webmasters who get almost all traffic create websites for humans.

    Google created the parameter “Dwell time” which indicates the length of time users spend on your website, before leaving for other search results.

    Today, if you want a high-ranking position on search engines, you should forget about search systems and create content that satisfy users’ intent.

    That’s why UX is extremely important.

    I always check all the pages of a websites: home, about the company, contact, catalogue, products, policy, etc.

    All your pages must provoke TRUST - this means that your products and content must be able to solve problems your users may have.

    You will receive all my manually audited recommendations for each page in a special report.

    Technical SEO and Load Speed (3-5 days)

    Webmasters pay a lot of attention to technical SEO.

    The main reason for this is that load speed is also considered a ranking factor.

    Customers are impatient.

    One second in loading time results in a staggering 20% decrease in conversion rate!

    I check the technical SEO aspects of your site by using Google Search Console, PageSpeed Insights, Screaming Frog and a few other tools, depending on the scenario.

    Technical SEO is important, but UX is much more important.

    Create content for a human first and thereafter, optimize for search systems.

    If you can’t fix all the technical errors - that’s ok.

    Many big brands like Amazon have a lot of technical issues, if the articles by PageSpeed Insights is anything to go by, however their content is created with only humans in mind.

    Customers don’t care about your technical SEO - they only care about how your products will solve the problems they might have.

    Google search results satisfy users’ intent, not their bots.

    That’s why it’s crucial to think about your visitors in the beginning and thereafter, optimize the technical aspects, without decreasing UX.

    Social Media Marketing aka SMM (on-going process)

    70% of customers don’t buy from brands if they don’t connect with them on social media as well.

    Social Media Marketing aka SMM

    That’s why I’m active on Linkedin.

    You may be asking why not Facebook?

    Facebook’s organic reach for brands is around 3%.

    That’s why I don’t promote on Facebook.

    This however, doesn’t mean Facebook is not worth your time.

    It merely means that with my limited resources I get much better results on Twitter and Linkedin, as compared to Facebook.

    Don’t try to cover all social media platforms with limited resources.

    Simply choose the social media platforms where your audience is more active.

    It might be Instagram, Pinterest, Snapchat, TikTok, Reddit, Quora, etc.


    Enjoy reading my content.

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